the limit.

LearningBase provides teachers and educators with all the tools to transform e-learning into the most engaging and active learning experience ever.


Motivate with Rich Content

Motivate learners with rich and dynamic lessons and activities.

Engage with Active Learning

Engage learners with interactive learning techniques.

Innovate with Agile Tools

Use your imagination and our tools to create innovative and flexible course design and delivery.

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Connect and Guide.

Teaching & learning is a social activity and best done with expert guidance and lively interaction. LearningBase brings a new communication dimension to teaching & learning.


Connect and Direct

Set up and connect to live classes, tutorials and appointments in one click.

Coordinate Learning Pathways

Learners are stepped through their courses by coordinating their study schedule and the delivery of classes, learning materials and tests.

Marking and Monitoring

Stay on top of assignment marking, feedback and student performance. Readily identify students in need of help.

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Networking People, Ideas and Courses.

LearningBase uses content sharing and coordinating technologies to create a highly advanced networked e-learning eco-system.


Innovate Together

Version control enables educators to work together, track and control changes.

Seamless Cross-Platform Networking

Full, rich and seamless cross-platform course and content sharing without the need for onerous integration consulting.

Published Content Controls and IP Tracking

Seamless content sharing for rapid implementation. Sharing and change version control. Authorship tracking with secure intellectual property blockchain registry and storage.

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LearningBase Versions

Full T & L Platform

A full, stand-alone, teaching & learning management system


Extends existing LMSs with rich content creator and cross platform networking tools

LearningBase Mobile

Mobile device content delivery capability